Location Notes-Idle Hour Holidays, Southwest Scotland

Location Notes

Location Notes for Tide's Reach

Please note that the property is situated close to Garlieston Caravan Club site. The site is only open from Easter to late September, and, outside of the peak Summer holidays, the pitches closest to 'Tide's Reach' are rarely used. However, caravans may be visible from the rear windows of our property. While this does not obscure the views of the Bay (particularly from the balcony), we have set our prices for this period well below most other properties in the area, to reflect this fact.

The caravan site is a small, members-only site, frequented mainly by retired couples, and run to very strict rules, so we can guarantee that there will be no noise to disturb the peace of your holiday, and the overall impact on your stay will probably be less than if the property were to back on to other houses.

Tide's Reach is located approximately 15 meters from the village slipway. The main harbour pier is around a further 60 meters away. Although there are very few boats now operating out of Garlieston, it is still a working fishing port and there may be some associated noise at times - linked to the tide times, which may be early in the morning.  
Much of the harbour is unfenced, so parents of small children should take care at all times.


Tide's Reach - at right angles to the harbour wall.                                The harbour development in mid-Summer


While Garlieston does have a small shop and a pub, and a local bus service linking it to Port William and Newton Stewart, you will probably need to use a car to access further facilities in nearby Wigtown or Newton Stewart.

There is a shingle beach less than 100 yards from the property, with sandier beaches in Garlieston Village, and nearby Rigg Bay (approx. 1 mile walk), with access to coastal walks just a stone's throw from the front door.

We are unable to offer sheltered storage for bikes, but these can be stored out of sight at the rear of the property, chained to the railings if desired. there is an outside tap in the car park where bikes (and dogs!) can be washed down if needed - please do not attempt to use the house shower for this!

Please note we do not offer broadband facilities at the cottage, and find most of our guests welcome the escape from constant social media attention. You will find most pubs and cafes in the area do offer free wifi access, as does the library in Wigtown. You should also be aware mobile signal can be a bit erratic in the local area - generally the front bedroom is the most reliable location within the house.

From our guestbook, we are delighted to see that that our guests generally  agree with us that 'Tide's Reach' offers a tranquil escape from the bustle of modern life in a great location for those looking to get away from it all.


Please note, the property was until recently called 'Water's Edge' and this is how it still appears on some online maps.

Please see location map for a clear picture of exactly where we are.